07 June 2021

Our Calzuro Aqua Flip Flops: non-slip, unisex and anatomical, perfect for seaside, pool and gym!

By the sea or by the pool, at home or at the gym: SLIP accidents are no longer a problem with Calzuro Aqua.
Non-slip flip flops Calzuro Aqua are not only safe and comfortable flip flops, but also fashionable. Want to know more? Let’s find out what makes our Calzuro Aqua perfect for any occasion.
Calzuro Aqua are innovative: they are made of Evarite, a new, soft, lightweight, latex-free plastic material which does not favor the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. Calzuro Aqua are comfortable: anatomically shaped footbed, well-dressing anatomic shape, thong comfortable to wear, toe bed and a slightly raised heel have been designed to ensure maximum comfort. Calzuro Aqua are 100% Made in Italy premium quality products. Calzuro Aqua comfortable flip flops have a slip-resistant sole CE certified. Calzuro Aqua flip flops have a unique block structure, which means you will never find yourself  out on the street with a broken flip flop. Finally, they are available in different fashionable colours, just choose your favorite one!
Perfect during your holidays or sports activities, our non-slip flip flops are a must-have all year long. Have fun and be safe with our Calzuro Aqua!