Our Story

Calzuro® is the result of a brilliant intuition; proof is the fact that the brand produces the most imitated ever professional clogs in plastic material.
Nowadays those colorful clogs all surgeons and nurses wear are taken for granted, but before Calzuro® none of that existed.
At the beginning of the 1980s, new electronic devices and new sterilization regulations were introduced in the hospital environment. These innovations drew attention to the complete lack of a sterilizable and antistatic clog that could meet these needs.
Meanwhile, new plastic materials were developed; Gianfranco understood their potential and, together with expert manufacturers, worked on an innovative co-polymer rubber compound that could be molded as a clog and satisfy the new specific and fundamental requirements of the medical field.
This is the beginning of Calzuro®, a unique product with innovative characteristics that make it essential for those working in the industry: it is sterilizable, autoclavable, antistatic, extremely comfortable for people who have to stand many hours a day and, thanks to its design and colors, also funny.
In 1984 the prototype was patented and presented to an important international exhibition.
The unique characteristics and indisputable qualities sanctioned the immediate success of Calzuro®.
In 1999 Roberta, Gianfranco’s daughter, joined the project; thanks to her expertise in business and marketing management, she became a key player at once.
Roberta brought new ideas to Bihos Srl, that became an even more firm and modern reality.
Since its establishment, the Company has grown, expanding its products range, devised not only for the hospital environments but also for leisure; has acquired clients from new areas, not only professional; has gone abroad, selling now in almost every country of the world; has developed its marketing and communication activities; has created its own web-sites and online stores… and there is still plenty of things we want to do!


Calzuro® was born in Italy and is made with plastic materials developed and produced within the territoty. Design, property and creation: everything of Calzuro® brand is based in Italy.
The real and authentic MADE IN ITALY turned Calzuro® into a leader in its field and an ambassador of innovation and Italian quality all around the world, differentiating it from all the competitors. Over the years, being a 100% Italian product has become an important merit that adds value to the quality, trustworthiness and reliability of the Brand. Calzuro® has defended Made in Italy as synonymous of excellence, exclusivity and creativity for years: a high value national treasure that has to be protected, communicated and favored.