26 September 2019

Calzuro professional clogs and colourful socks by Happy Socks: the perfect match!

What happens when world’s number one professional footwear meets the most colourful and fashionable socks? Calzuro collaborates with Happy Socks, providing on its online store the famous colourful socks. Calzuro offers not only its professional and comfortable anatomic clogs par excellence, but also a touch of originality to make every outfit unique, every combination amazing.
Born and designed in Sweden with the purpose to spread happiness (hence the name Happy Socks) by turning an everyday essential into a multicolour design piece, these colourful socks combine high-quality combed cotton, bright colours, bizarre pattern and irreverent matches. Unique pieces that are perfect to enhance every outfit, from the most serious and elegant, to the most streetstyle and trendy!
When the world of professional footwear meets fashion, fantastic opportunities come.
This is why Calzuro, always attentive to clients’ needs, offers a wide range of colours for its clogs, i.e. classic (white, black, green, blue), intense (pink, purple, red, yellow), or shocking (green, orange and yellow FLUO). 
Now we make a step further: we offer, together with our clogs, the Happy Socks to match!
Their original patterns and gorgeous colours will enhance even further your Calzuro clogs.
Starting your day on the right foot has never been so easy: wear our Calzuro clogs, choose the Happy Socks that fit your mood of the day, change style every time you want and have fun creating new outfits with the colourful socks Happy Socks.
Comfort, professionalism and original style always at your feet!